Yeah, but it’s also what Tom was probably looking for, otherwise he wouldn’t have accepted to publish those ads.

Yes, well he went that type of aesthetic.

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"The Sun Goes Down": Alessandra Ambrosio by David Armstrong for LOVE #11 Spring/Summer 2014


"Fighting Back": Gisele Bundchen by Irving Penn for Vogue US April 2006

Photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue US December 1995



This is a brilliantly directed Chanel commercial by Jean-Paul Goude.

Essentially, the women continually yell “ÉGOÏSTE” (“egotistical,” in English) out the window, which refers to a guy who has wronged them all. It’s very funny, in Goude’s genre of humour and play. Also, his quoting of classical music is totally postmodern in his way.

Guys, do you remember these ads for the Tom Ford’s fragance? Where appeared Jon Kortajarena & others than i forget their names, one of them 2 male models show their dicks sunbathing & the other is in a forest where one couple are conceivably having sex (in the doggy style), those photos are taken by Terry Richardson.

For me, those advertisements are very disgusting for the public & also they are no artistic erotic photographs.

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Sorry for made an mini-spam of Robert Smith, because today is his birthday. The real thing is this day, 1 year ago i was to The Cure’s conciert, here in Mexico City. After almost 5 hours & 50 songs… i felt with his charming, i mean was his birthday. Later, i stared to hear the complete albums of them, in the begin i liked some songs, but in 1 year… i was amazed on that gig.

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"Stretching the Limits": Guinevere van Seenus by Irving Penn for Vogue US August 2005



Ola, Codie, Esmeralda, Nastya and Sasha (wearing paper dresses created by Rhea Thierstein) in “The One and Only” by Tim Walker for Vogue May 2014

In the May issue of Vogue, the magazine pays homage to legendary couturier Charles James. Photographer Tim Walker captures models swathed in voluminous gowns, much like those created by James, while the photographs themselves recall images originally taken by photographer Cecil Beaton, which were published in Vogue in the 1940s. This timely tribute is only fitting seeing as James will be the honoree at this year’s Costume Institute Gala. The exhibit, called Charles James: Beyond Fashion will showcase more than 100 of James’s gowns and will be on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art beginning May 8 and will run through August 10.

"Fall ‘85: The Season Takes Shape", photographed by Irving Penn for Vogue US September 1985



Robert Smith by Derek Ridgers for The Face October 1985

Yasmin, Anja & Stella with the hairstylist Sam McKnight in the backstage of Chanel Pre-Fall 2012 show